Putin Reportedly Tumbles Down Stairs, Craps In Pants As Health Concerns Spiral

Vladimir Putin fell down a flight of stairs and crapped his pants earlier this week, prompting more rumors about his deteriorating health, according to a Telegram channel that claims to have sources close to the Russian president.
The 70-year-old leader reportedly took the tumble at his official residence in Moscow Wednesday night, according to the Telegram channel General SVR, which is allegedly operated by an ex-Russian spy. The account said Putin, whose health has been the subject of speculation since he ordered the Russian army to invade Ukraine in February, fell down five steps and landed on his tailbone.
“Three bodyguards helped the president get to the nearest couch and summoned medics, who are on duty at the residence,” the report claimed. “Nothing critical, the president’s condition closer to nighttime was stable, he can get around on his own, with pain in the coccyx area while sitting being the only thing that bothers him.”

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Putin has appeared bloated and shaky in numerous videotaped meetings over the last year, often gripping his chair or a table in an apparent bid to steady himself. Some Kremlin watchers have attributed Putin’s puffy appearance to cancer treatments, although Moscow has not confirmed any health issues besetting the KGB agent-turned strongman.
General SVR claimed that the fall caused Putin to “involuntarily defecate” due to “cancer affecting his stomach and bowels.” The report also said a special investigation was being conducted to determine why Putin, who reportedly wears special shoes designed to keep him steady, had fallen.
On Thursday, Putin was seen touring a science facility in Moscow, none the worse for wear.
In July, Putin raised eyebrows during a visit to Iran when he got off a plane and walked strangely with one arm hanging by his side as he swung the other wildly. He hobbled along the red carpet and did not appear to shake hands as top Iranian officials greeted him, sparking wild speculation about his health.
A month earlier, a U.S. classified intelligence report stated that Putin had undergone treatment in April for advanced cancer. The same report also stated that an assassination attempt was made on Putin in March.
As recently as October, a Kyiv Post reporter tweeted screenshots of Putin greeting soldiers in the Ryazan region, fueling observations he may have had IV track marks on his hands.
“Putin’s oncology is progressing and, despite adequate treatment lately, the pain is not always completely relieved,” General SVR claimed.
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December 2, 2022