‘Piece Of S***!’: ‘A Christmas Story’ Home Owner Orders Actor To Leave The Property

At least one of the actors from the iconic 1983 holiday film “A Christmas Story” is no longer welcome at the Cleveland, Ohio, home where it was filmed.
According to a report from entertainment website TMZ, actor Yano Anaya — who played Grover Dill in the movie — has worn out his welcome with the home’s current owner Brian Jones. The house — which Jones converted to a museum dedicated to the movie after he purchased it — is currently on the market.
Video obtained by the outlet shows a heated confrontation between the actor and the homeowner that begins as Anaya takes a photo with a fan on the steps of the house. Jones can be heard telling Anaya to “get the f*** out,” among other things.
“Don’t ever come here again, never, ever again,” Jone continues, walking right up to Anaya and several people who appear to be waiting for their chance to take a photo, and repeating once again, “Get the f*** out.”
Jones continues to press, following Anaya away from the house and into the street, where he calls the actor a “piece of s***” and a “scammer.” “What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you, man?” he asked.
Jones later apologized for his tone, but said that he was concerned about the possibility that Anaya might use a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds allegedly to buy the house, although there was no deal in progress.
“I apologize for the way I expressed myself; however, it was out of concern that fans could be misled into contributing to a GoFundMe campaign that will not result in the purchase of the house,” Jones explained.
“I have no association with any GoFundMe campaign. I am not selling the house through Go Fund Me, so fans should not contribute to that fund under false pretenses, thinking their money is going toward buying the house. I am entertaining offers only from qualified buyers through my real estate broker,” he added. Anaya had previously floated the idea that he and one or more unnamed cast mates might want to purchase the property and keep the museum going. “It only makes sense to have the cast run the show,” he said.

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The Daily Wire
November 27, 2022