Mark Wahlberg, Sony Re-Releasing PG-13 Version Of ‘Father Stu’ In Theaters

Sony is re-releasing a PG-13 version of the Mark Wahlberg movie “Father Stu,” which is based on the true story of a boxer who became a Catholic priest.
The 51-year-old actor shared the news on Instagram in a recent post celebrating that the film, which originally came out earlier this year with an R rating, would be re-released in theaters with a PG-13 rating December 9.
“Based on the inspiring true story,” Wahlberg wrote. “‘Father Stu: Reborn’ will be back in theaters December 9 and rated PG-13. Get tickets now at #FatherStuMovie @fatherstumovie.”


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The star of the faith-based film spoke recently about the recut version of the movie and promised its message is just as important.
“We took out all 200 and some odd swears,” Wahlberg said during his recent appearance on Fox News. “And the film is still as powerful.”
“Given the nature of the R-rated movie, lots of families didn’t feel comfortable with their children seeing it, but they really wanted them to get the message,” he added in another Fox News interview. “To see Stu’s journey and the struggle that he went through to find his calling, we felt, was really important for people of all ages to see.”
“I really wanted young people as a whole to see it, but especially young boys,” Wahlberg continued. “We want to prevent kids from making a lot of the same mistakes that we made – certainly mistakes that I made. So anything that we can do to kind of show them an easier path to serving God and just being positive, productive members of society.”
The superstar actor, who is a devout Catholic himself, previously talked about the film and said it was “his calling,” his “mission,” to get this movie made, as The Daily Wire previously reported.
“The reason why [Father Stu] was so effective was because he was authentic,” Wahlberg shared about the inspiration for the film. “He was speaking the truth from experience, and that’s invaluable … He’s such a remarkable man. It was an honor for me to portray him in the film and to tell his story.”
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November 29, 2022