‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ Co-Star David Robinson Dead At 50

A former star of the popular reality show “Dog’s Most Wanted” died unexpectedly at the age of 50.
David Robinson died in his wife’s arms after suffering from a medical emergency while on a work Zoom call in his California home, his wife Brooke Robinson confirmed. She shared the news as part of a Facebook statement.
“David was very healthy and was on a work call in our dining room at home when he collapsed. Life-saving maneuvers were attempted and paramedics were called. David died in my arms,” she wrote.
“We ask again for time and space to grieve for the husband, father, brother and friend that was lost.”
Brooke and David were just married this past May. Robinson’s ex-wife Rainy confirmed his death to TMZ and said paramedics attempted to perform CPR when they arrived on the scene. While sources claim the reality star may have had a “stroke or heart attack,” Brooke said in her statement, “The rumors of a heart attack and stroke have already been ruled out.”
An official cause of death has not been released yet.
“Dog the Bounty Hunter” star Duane “Dog” Chapman told TMZ he was sorry for the loss. “I’m shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of David Robinson, my right-hand man of many years. Until we meet again, brother,” he told the publication.
David’s ex-wife Rainy announced their separation in 2020 after nearly 25 years of marriage because of what she described as “some very heartbreaking and irrevocable actions.”
The reality star was part of “Dog’s Most Wanted,” a spinoff of Chapman’s original series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” David used technology to help track down fugitives.
Chapman starred in the series “Dog the Bounty Hunter” starting in 2004. The show was an instant success as it followed the bounty hunter seeking fugitives in both Hawaii and Florida. It got such good ratings that Chapman also starred in several spinoffs, including “Dog’s Most Wanted” on WGN, which aired in 2019.
Chapman’s wife Beth was also a staple on the series. She died in 2019 while filming “Dog’s Most Wanted” at the age of 51 after being diagnosed with terminal throat cancer. The final episode of the spinoff series is dedicated to Beth’s memory.
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December 1, 2022